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Apple talks about the new iPad heating complaints

A few hours ago we told you that some users are complaining that their new iPad is hotter than the iPad 2. The test shows it is indeed warmer than its predecessor when put on stress with just over 5°C.

Apple quickly issued a statement on the matter. Here it is:

“The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.”

So, everything is fine.

Honestly, what did you expect? The new iPad has four graphic cores and four times the pixel count (along with a new technology, which seems to require more powerful backlighting). Of course this one will be warmer than the previous one. And the difference is 5°C, not 50°C.

Really, why everyone is so surprised? I get that every Apple product is surrounded by at least one drama (most of them righteous) , but this is the phoniest of all I’ve ever heard. Did you by any chance hold a PS Vita? It’s hot, hotter than the PSP or this iPad. But no one is complaining or boiling eggs on it. Dear new iPad users, 33°C won’t hurt you fingers.

I’m just asking people to be reasonable. That’s it.

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