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New iPad runs 5 degrees Celsius hotter than the iPad 2

The new iPad has double the GPU cores count of the iPad 2 model and Apple had to increase the battery to handle the increased power usage. However, the increased power consumption isn’t the only problem that the extra GPU power creates – it also produces more heat and causes the new iPad to run hotter than its predecessor.

Many users reported that the new iPad feels hotter, but brought out a thermal camera to get exact numbers.

They ran GLBenchmark – a 3D benchmark – for five minutes and took a measurement of the hottest point on the tablet. The bright spot in the thermal image is easy to see – that’s where the Apple A5X chipset is located.

The hottest point on the new iPad measured 33.6°C (92.5°F), while the iPad 2 kept things cooler at 28.3°C (82.9°F). That’s a difference of just over 5°C and is noticeable but not burning hot.

Also, GLBenchmark is about the worst case scenario for the new iPad – it stresses the powerful but hungry SGX543MP4 GPU. Under normal operation (that is anything other than 3D gaming), the new iPad should run about as cool as its predecessor.

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