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Apple iPhone 5 back panel scratch test suggests you better buy a case

The iPhone 5 anodized aluminum body might be bending the laws of physics and everything, but it’s also shaping out to be quite sensitive. First we learn that some units come chipped out of the box and now we get this scratch test, which confirms that peeling the paint from your brand new iPhone 5 is easier than you might have thought.

The video is created by the ever helpful ifixit and shows how the iPhone 5 back panels handles keys and metal rings. The iPhone 4S was subjected to the same tests for comparison’s sake and it seemed to handle them way better than its successor.

So it appears that you will need to be extra careful with your new Apple iPhone 5, if you are to preserve it in mint condition. We’d normally suggest you buy a case or a bumper, but given that the super slim waistline is one of the iPhone 5’s key selling points, you probably just need to reserve a pocket in your jeans/purse for it.



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