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Apple gives credit where it’s due – acknowledges Open Street Maps in iPhoto

Back when Apple released its iPhoto app with the arrival of the new iPad some people noted that the company was using map data that doesn’t look Googlish in origin.

Some digging in the matter revealed that Apple (who back then claimed they were using Gmaps) is using Open Street Maps with a custom overlay on top. Now we see an acknowledgement to OSM in the latest iPhoto version.

Recently, Foursquare and others made the jump to the free OSM too. The maps project is user contributed and can be edited by third parties, not unlike the way Wikipedia works.

Apparently, OSM tried to contact Apple on the matter of giving them credit but it wasn’t until a volunteer mapper on OSM (who incidentally is also an iOS dev) contacted some people over at Apple that things got spinning and now the due credit is there on the iPhone acknowledgements screen.

We have a feeling that this isn’t the end – Apple’s native Maps app on iOS still uses Google Maps, but perhaps things might change?

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