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Apple carries out the UK court order, posts “Samsung didn’t copy us letter” on its website

Today Apple executed the UK’s High Court order that ruled the company should acknowledge that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad’s design in its Galaxy Tab slates.

Apple posted a link on the UK front page of its website to a “Samsung/Apple UK judgement” page, where it has posted the UK Court of Appeal’s ruling.

Just to refresh your memory, the court order states that the text should be published in a font no smaller than Arial 11 and Apple has done just this.

In the acknowledgement, Apple confirms that Samsung didn’t infringe on its iPad patents and hasn’t copied the tablet’s design in the UK, but also states other courts, like the one in Germany, have ruled the opposite.

Still, we can’t imagine Apple taking much joy in doing what it had to do – the letter may not sound like a sincere apology, but having to post such a thing on its website at all must have hurt quite badly.

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