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Apple beware: there are nearly 700,000 apps in the Google Play Store now

As if the recently refreshed Nexus line-up and the Android 4.2 announcement didn’t give Apple enough things to worry about, Google has now told Bloomberg that it’s about to overtake its rival in the apps count race.

In fact, there are a just under 700,000 different applications in the Google Play Store, which is pretty close to what Apple touts in its App Store.

But it’s not just count that matters. Google spared no effort to educate both developers and designers about its Android design guidelines., in order to have more decent looking apps. Still, Apple argues that the apps in the App Store are bound to sell better, luring developers to concentrate on iOS rather than Android.

Where Android apps are lacking though, are tablets and Google should really make Android developers focus their effort on delivering quality apps for the dozens of droid slates out there.

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