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Another alleged Apple iPad Pro case leaks out

A couple of weeks after the first sighting took place, images of another alleged protective case for the unannounced Apple iPad Pro made the rounds online. This time around, the photos of the upcoming accessory show it alongside a cover for iPad Air 2.

The case from the latest photos appears to fall in line with the one we saw last month. However, due to its slightly different construction, it does not contain cutouts for the rumored quartet of speakers in the iPad Pro. Instead, the cover leaves the top and the bottom of the tablet fully exposed.

The size comparison between the new case and the one for iPad Air 2 shows us the considerable size difference that will exist between the products. Apple iPad Pro is expected to feature a display with a diagonal between 12.2” and 12.9.”

Apple iPad Pro is expected to launch at some point in Q2 or Q3 this year. The full-size slate is all but certain to launch with an optional stylus.

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