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Abra-Ca-Bacon update to Angry Birds Seasons arrives along with one of Simon Pierro iPad magic videos

Today, many of us woke up to see a new update available to Angry Birds Seasons. This one is called Abra-Ca-Bacon and we already told you it was coming a week ago.

We hope you’ve watched the update’s teaser last week. If not, well, you can already have a go at the real game yourself. Today’s topic however, is the appointment of the YouTube star, iPad magician Simon Pierro as an Official Angry Birds Magician.

And the today’s release of the Abra-Ca-Bacon update more than anything warrants the release of one of the special iPad Magic videos he’s known about.

So did you enjoy the video? And what about the game? The new update should be available simultaneously on Angry Birds Seasons for iOS, Android, PC and OS X.



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