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An Apple iPad Mini mockup makes rounds for the video camera

By this point, most of you have probably already seen a leaked snap or two of what the rumored 7.85″ iPad Mini would look like. And honestly, since the iPhone 5 body leaked from Chinese factories months ahead of the announcement, I’m willing to give this rumor the benefit of a doubt as well.

The new iPad Mini looks like a… mini version of uhm, well… the iPad. There are no surprises there and given Apple’s track record in approaching product design conservatively, this might as well be it.

Earlier rumors have it that the iPad Mini will be announced in October and it makes sense. That would nail the middle of the product cycle of the bigger iPad and it would put the shiny new toy out there just in time for the holiday shopping.

But I digress, here’s the new video.

For me, the iPad has always been too much of a couch tablet to really enjoy it on the go, so I would really enjoy a more compact version. What about you?

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