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Amazon Germany momentarily shows iPad 2 specs and price – 1.2GHz CPU, 3G+Wi-Fi, 16GB and Thunderbolt for 499 euro

The official iPad 2 announcement is drawing close (6PM London time) but that’s not stopping last-minute leaks. We already eyed up the supposed leaked photos of the second-generation iPad and now apparently Amazon Germany jumped the gun and (accidentally!) put their iPad 2 listing out in the open.

Apple iPad 2 specs on Amazon Germany (click for full size)

That simple slip up gives up a lot of details on the upcoming Apple tablet – same screen size, but faster CPU and a Thunderbolt port for example…

So, here’s what the leaked product description says the Apple iPad 2 will be like – the display is 9.7” again (nothing on the resolution), the CPU is clocked at 1.2GHz (and according to rumors, it will be a dual-core unit) and the iPad will feature a camera.

There’s only one iPad 2 listed with 16GB of internal storage and on the connectivity side it has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G. Still, I wouldn’t bet against a Wi-Fi-only version (and options with more internal storage too).

The iPad 2 connectivity allegedly includes the new Thunderbolt port – which has what it takes to replace Apple’s current proprietary port as it carries TV-out, USB and all sorts of other connectivity. Oh, and the new MacBook Pros have it of course.

The Apple iPad 2 is slated for a 17 March launch and interestingly costs €499 ($690) for the 16GB, Wi-Fi+3G version – exactly the price of the current 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad in the German Apple Store. What that means is the new iPad will bring down the price point for the 3G model significantly.

Apple’s event is starting in a few hours, so we’ll soon find out if these Amazon specs (which were quickly pulled down) are correct.



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