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Presumable iPad 2 leaks in China, we have a slew of photos for you to enjoy

We’ve found a leak of the upcoming iPad 2 in China, of all places. Mind you, no specs are released, just some photos of the device. They look sort off legitimate, but it could still be just a mockup, to throw people off, before Apples’ launch event in San Francisco later today.

The pictures are aplenty, though, showing you every side of the tablet and even comparing it to the original iPad.

We’ve prepared the pictures here for you guys. Size-wise the iPad 2 isn’t that much different from its forefather. The display itself seems to fit the same 9.7” diagonal of the original. The bezel around the display is just as big, which is a little disappointing. The second videocall camera is located above the display.

The iPad 2 and original iPad

The presumable iPad 2 in the photos looks thinner than the original one. Also on the top of the device you can see a small hole, next to the headphones jack, much like on the iPhone 4. Perhaps a second microphone for noise cancellation or just a primary one for those Face Time chats.

The iPad 2 looks thinner

The display is what makes us think that this is a mockup and not the real deal. It looks like it has the same resolution as before. You can’t really tell just by looking at the photos but it doesn’t look higher res than the original.

The display of the iPad 2

At the bottom you’ll find a redesigned loudspeaker grill. And on the right side of the iPad 2 there’s something that’s speculated to be a SD card slot. This would be a welcome, if not essential, hardware feature for all photography enthusiasts out there.

The back of the device

We guess there’s not that much left until all rumors are cleared and Apple announce the second generation of their revolutionary iPad device. The event is held later today (06:00 PM London time) and we’ll keep you guys posted when new information comes in.

Source (in Chineese)


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