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Amazon approach Foxconn to produce the Kindle Fire 2

The Kindle Fire was Amazon’s first step into the tablet world, discounting the E Ink enabled Kindles before it, the Fire was a full color, 7″ Android tab rocking Silk, its cloud-supported web browser.

Now it would appear that Amazon have approached electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn as a new OEM to add to list of those charged with producing its successor, the Kindle Fire 2.

Amazon have clearly learned from their experiences with the first Kindle Fire, which was knowingly rushed to market and in fact used the underpinnings of the Blackberry Playbook courtesy of Quanta to cut time off its development. Despite the first Fire’s success however, selling the tablet for $199 cut into Amazon’s profits as it reportedly cost them around $250 to produce each unit.

With the Fire 2, Amazon are taking steps to minimize the troubles they encountered last time around, such as enlisting Foxconn as a second manufacturer and bringing the process of vetting components in-house.

With Amazon spending more time on the creation of the next Kindle Fire, we’re hoping for something special. There’s already talk of a 7″ and a 9″ variant and even the inclusion of a quad-core processor, but we’ve had no official word from Amazon on the intended processing prowess the Fire 2 will contain.

Suppliers are expected to start producing components in March, with finished Fire 2s shipping out of the factories by May/June time.

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