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All popular old-school console emulators pulled from the Android Market

Nesdoid, SNesoid, Gensoid, GameBoid, GBCoid, Gearoid, Ataroid and N64oid are now missing from the Android Market. Two of them were pulled recently due to a complaint from Sega, but now all the emulators are gone and their developer’s account – suspended.

Sounds familiar? Yes! Google already did the same with ZodTTD’s account and its PSXDroid emulator.

Yongzh, the developer behind all these emulators, is now offering them for free (for a limited time) via the third-party SlideME store (the source link below), but he is not optimistic about their future there.

What can I say, Google is slowly but consistently adopting the Apple way. And just to be clear, I don’t take sides here – Google won’t do something without a reason, but we are not the people to decide was it good enough or not.



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