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Action Movie FX for iOS is the funniest app you can get this holiday season [VIDEO]

Action Movie FX is a relatively new mobile app that allows you to add cinema-grade special effects to your own footage. It’s not about a new iMovie app for post-processing, instead, you choose a single special effect, you go shoot a short clip and the app adds its magic onto it.

The result… Well, it varies. I’ve had some really nice time experimenting with it and once you get how the effects work, you can get some really good footage.

The most impressive thing of it all is how real these explosions look bearing in mind the whole thing has been rendered on a mobile phone. Geez, you will be amazed.

Action Movie FX comes with a set of predefined special effects. The first two are free and include a missile hitting the ground and a car thrown around by a tornado or something. You can buy more, but just these two will give you hours of fun.

You can nuke big stuff such as a friend’s car at the parking lot and you can nuke small stuff, such as your colleague’s coffee cup (yeah, lame, I know).

The best thing about it is that everybody I showed the end result to was overwhelmed. The app and the videos I made with it were a smash hit among my friends and family this Christmas.

And honestly, it’s been a while since I last had so much fun with a mobile app.

I’m not really into games and content creation is a my preferred use of my iPhone. And while it is nowhere near serious videography, it’s just plain fun.

But words don’t merely describe what the app is all about, so instead I’m gonna show you some of the clips I shot around – made exclusively for this blogpost.

You like it, didn’t you? Here’s one more, made using the same special FX.

Now, switching to the other available free effect. Watch out, there’s a car coming!

Getting back to the previous scene, here’s the same Special FX but in a different place.

Action Movie FX is indeed a special app. And it would even work on the iPhone 3GS, the iPads and the iPod Touches 4Gen. And I’d really like to see more from where those effects came from.

You can download it from the link below.

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