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New iPhone with 1GB RAM undergoes internal testing, iPod Touch 5,1 to follow

According to reports, Apple has seeded a new iPhone to its internal testers. And before you get too excited, the exterior design hasn’t been revealed just yet. The only thing different is the chipset.

Yes, you are right. Predictably, Apple has put the A5X chip in the iPhone 4/4S body and has seeded it to testers in Cupertino. The variation of the A5X chip in question is the S5L8945X, which packs 1GB of RAM.

The smartphone is carrying the N96 model number, but it’s unclear whether this label will be carried over to the actual new iPhone when its development is complete.

The iPod Touch, on the other hand, didn’t get any hardware upgrade last year and it’s only logical for Apple to make up for it this year. And if an internal build of iOS 5.1 is to be trusted, Apple is indeed working on the next iPod Touch. Labeled 5,1, the next iPod Touch should finally introduce a dual-core CPU to the portable player.



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