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Samsung Galaxy S6 teardown reveals its internals

Country by country, pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S6 commence and the phone will be available in early April, but it has already undergone a teardown treatment.

The phone was successfully brought to pieces resulting in some interesting finds. As you know, the Galaxy S6 sports a dual-glass design on front and back and the battery isn’t removable. To remove the back glass cover, you have to heat up the edges of the phone.

This reveals the innards of the Galaxy S6 complete with the battery and NFC chip on top of it. Interestingly, a look at the back of the rear glass reveals a layer of black cooling stickers. The battery itself is a 2,550mAh unit working at 3.85V.

There’s a fair amount of screws, which hold the metal frame to the main circuit board. The rear camera has a fixed base, which eliminates unwanted jitter and provides better stabilization. Unlike iFixit, doesn’t offer a score of the overall repairability of the device. The hard part looks to be removing the back glass panel and the rest is a matter of unscrewing the necessary screws.

In Europe, the 32GB Galaxy S6 costs €700, while the cheapest Galaxy S6 edge model starts at €850. We would strongly recommend going to a service center if something happens to your new beloved phone.



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