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iPhone, Blackberry and Gmail users are all “screwed” privacy-wise, says Julian Assange [VIDEO]

It looks like our privacy doesn’t really exist in today’s world of modern technology with the recent Carrier IQ logging scandal and the one with the iPhone 4 tracking every movement you make a while back.

Scary, indeed. And to make matters worse, in a recent press conference Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has made a statement about iPhone, Blackberry and Gmail users saying they are simply “screwed”.

Here are his exact words:

Who has an iPhone [in this room]? Who has a Blackberry [in this room]? Who uses Gmail [in this room]? Well, you are all screwed.

And this is followed by his statement that there are many intelligence equipment contractors who are already selling mass surveillance systems for spying on the iPhones, Blackberries and Gmail. Check out the short video below.

This begs the question in what kind of world we are living in? Wonder what is coming next and what actions will be taken by the companies standing behind the aforementioned products to make them more secure and safe for their customers and users. How do you feel about Mr. Assange’s statement and everything that’s happening recently with your privacy?

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