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Instagram en route to Windows Phone (again), says official Nokia Sweden on Facebook

We’ve heard about this before but it doesn’t hurt to mention it yet again – Instagram is coming to Windows Phone. So says the official Nokia Sweden account on Facebook in response to one user. The response reads roughly like this – “Instagram is on the way but can’t give an exact date right now”. The comment has been taken down, which does add an air of legitimacy to the information (or just the opposite, depending how you look at it).

Last month, a Nokia Sweden account tweeted that an app for WP is under development, which fueled the users expectations. The question is – do Windows Phone users really care if Instagram is coming?

Instagram made the headlines when it debuted on iOS and ever since it was released for Android, it has been a smash hit. Currently, the app-slash-picture-sharing-social-network is rocking north of 100 million active users a month so it isn’t fair to dismiss it as small.

What say you, readers – do you or would you care for an Instagram launch on Windows Phone?



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