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HTC shows how the One S unibody is created on video, makes you want the smartphone even more

Ever since we got our hands on the HTC One S we noticed that its aluminum unibody felt somewhat different and much nicer to touch. That special feel is because of something called Micro Arc Oxidation, which looks about a gazillion times cooler than it sounds.

So HTC decided to give us a sneak peak of how the process works and why is it better than standard aluminum used in most of their old devices.

So what does Micro Arc Oxidation actually do? You take aircraft-grade aluminum and treat it with 10,000 volts of electricity, which attacks the metal on a microscopic level and creates a ceramic surface on top of the aluminum. This ceramic coating means that the One S unibody won’t scratch and will hopefully make those ugly plastic cases a thing of the past.

HTC also says that this kind of technology is used in race cars and even by NASA for its satellites. So here’s another thing to brag about if you get an HTC. Here’s the video that shows the ultra cool manufacturing process.



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