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Here are the iPad mini and iPad 4 prices and the first-wave countries

Apple managed to one-up all expectations today by unveiling not one, but two new iPads – the iPad mini and the 4th gen 10-inch iPad. The new 10-incher succeeds and immediately replaces the 3rd gen iPad, which has been selling for barely seven months now.

Both the new iPads will be available this holiday season in all the countries in this long list.

The Wi-Fi versions of the new iPads will be available for pre-order this Friday (Oct. 26) and will be shipping as early as next week, starting on November 2.

In the US, prices for the Wi-Fi iPad mini start at $329, and continue through $429 to $529 for the 32GB and 64 GB versions, respectively. Prices in Europe will be similar, but the figures will be in euros instead. The cheapest iPad mini will cost you €329/£269 with the other versions going for €429 and €529, respectively.

The pricing for the 10-inch iPad with Retina display will continue to be the same as before the refresh. The price of $499 (or €499/£399 if you live in Europe) will get you the 16GB Wi-Fi version with the next-tier storage options costing $599 (€599) and $699 (€699).

Here’s a nice table I made that sums up the prices of the most popular models in some of the countries on the first wave:

iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB $329 £269 €329 €339
iPad mini Wi-Fi 32GB $429 £349 €429 €439
iPad 4 w/ Retina Wi-Fi 16GB $499 £399 €499 €509
iPad 4 w/ Retina Wi-Fi 32GB $599 £479 €599 €609

Make note that the European prices will differ slightly from country to country due to the variations of VAT. While the Apple stores in Germany, Italy, and the UK have pretty much the same prices, those in France will be higher, much the same way those in Luxembourg will be lower.

The Wi-Fi+Cellular versions of both iPads will be available later in November.


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