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eBay’s latest acquisition lets you try new clothes online

eBay is already a one-stop shop for many internet users out there, but the company is still working hard to enhance the shopping experience it provides. The online retailer has acquired startup company PhiSix, who specializes in creating virtual changing rooms.

There, you’ll be able to try on all the clothes you like without leaving your computer. PhiSix’s work enables patterns and pictures of clothes to turn into 3D models. All you then need is to create your avatar and give it your basic measurements.

eBay plans to go beyond its own domains and lend its enterprise service customers the tech for the virtual dressing rooms as well. Furthermore, the online giant is also looking int getting the virtual dressing rooms to brick-and-mortar stores.

Check out an introductory video of how eBay plans to integrate the new service in its store.

Details of the deal aren’t disclosed and we don’t know exactly when we’ll see the cool virtual changing rooms on eBay’s website.

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