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Apple releases new iPhone ad, highlights the camera on the phone

Apple has released a new TV ad for the iPhone. After a series of short ads that quickly ran through the various apps and features on the phone, the new ad takes a leisurely approach at showcasing just one feature of the phone: the camera.

Unlike Samsung, whose ads have now stopped making sense entirely, the new iPhone ad shows people actually using the phone. You can see people taking photos with the device in every day conditions, editing them on the phone and then sharing them.

The new ad brings back the class and charm of old Apple ads with the use of endearing and relatable scenarios and plays to the tune of a soft and beautiful piano piece. The ad ends with telling you that more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera, likely quoting the Flickr statistics that clearly show the iPhone as the top camera on the website (which includes other mobile phones and dedicated cameras).

The new ad is a clear improvement over some of Apple’s recent ads and light years ahead of what everyone else is doing (except for Google, who seems to be the only other technology company who knows how to do ads anymore). Hopefully, they’ll be releasing more of these soon.


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