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30-second rechargeable batteries are reality, need your help to kickstart them

Waiting for a battery to charge is the second worst thing you have to do (after filing taxes, I guess). Thanks to the engineering prowess of Shawn West, however, the former task could be done in just 26 seconds.

West has created a battery that can replace normal AA, AAA, C and D-sized batteries with super fast rechargeable ones. He also says that tech this could be adapted to work in mobile phones as well.

The difference between regular batteries and the solution that West provides is that his batteries feature a lithium-ion capacitor to store the electricity, while regular batteries rely on chemicals to store the energy. West notes that the biggest drawback to lithium-ion capacitors is that they’re easily discharged. However, this has been overcome in his solution.

It all sounds to good too be true and it probably is, since he has reached out for help in the form of a Kickstarter campaign instead of approaching larger battery manufacturers. However, my pessimism isn’t really appropriate here, as West has already convinced 193 backers that the idea is worth funding.

He asks for as little as $25 in return for a AA sized battery and a charger to go with it. The project has a $10,000 goal. As of the time of writing this has almost gathered $9000 in funding. Shipping is planned for as early as October, this year.

Check out the video, where West goes through to explain how his batteries work.

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