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YouTube planning on subscriptions for music videos, ad free streaming

YouTube is planning on introducing subscription models for music videos and ad-free browsing. The company CEO Susan Wojcicki confirmed in an interview with Re/code that the team is “working on it”.

We had seen traces of a subscription model in a leaked YouTube app earlier but since then haven’t heard much about it. Fortunately, the idea hasn’t been dropped and YouTube will be introducing it at a later date. There could be different price points for the subscriptions, based on what Wojcicki said.

But best of all, users might also be able to pay a flat monthly fee and get rid of all the ads from the site. YouTube ads are by far the most obnoxious on the internet but are a necessary evil for Google and the content creators to make money. Hopefully, with the subscription model, Google will be able to pay the bills and provide quality content.

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