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Xiaomi wants to open 100 “experience stores” in India

Xiaomi has had quite a lot of success in India, with the subcontinent now being the company’s second biggest market after China, when it comes to sales. So naturally it’s thinking about expanding in India even more.

We’ve already heard that Xiaomi wants to start manufacturing phones in India in the future, but now it’s surfaced that it’s also going to open 100 “experience stores” throughout its territory.

These will oddly not be selling phones, but merely allowing interested people to “experience” them and every other product Xiaomi has to offer. When it comes to actually purchasing a Xiaomi handset, you’ll still have to go the online route, even after the stores launch.

As for manufacturing, Xiaomi expects to begin local production of its mobile devices within 12 to 18 months. Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s vice president of international operations, has reiterated that the company wants to “invest deeply” in India, and also “have a significant amount of research and development done” over there too. Xiaomi has apparently already become the fifth largest phone company in India.



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