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Xiaomi uses a frying pan to ‘fix’ the protruding camera of the iPhone 6

Xiaomi is going after the iPhone 6 Plus with its Mi Note and Mi Note Pro phablets, that’s clear. The Chinese company obviously thinks its offerings are superior to Apple’s, and it’s now put out a new video meant to drive that point home.

In it, we can see Xiaomi President and co-founder Bin Lin musing about how his company has a patented new solution which ensures there are no protruding cameras on its phones’ backs.

Said solution is nothing more and nothing less than a frying pan. Lin is literally using one of those on the iPhone 6 Plus’ back, and after a few knocks what ‘magically’ results is the non-protruding camera on the Mi Note.

Xiaomi boasts that in its devices, the camera is “integrated harmoniously with the phone body”. The company pledges to “level” any obstacles that might prevent it from “developing the best products to the fullest”, using the frying pan method of course. This apparently perfects the “user experience of mobile phones”.

So if you’re ever annoyed by the fact that your iPhone’s camera is of the protruding type, you now know what to do.



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