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Xbox 360 Slim is overheating-proof, a Red Dot replaces the Red Ring of Death

As it was announced before, the Red Ring of Death lights are now gone in the new Xbox 360 Slim. Of course, the new console model still can overheat – naturally or forcibly.

The Red Dot (not necessary of Death) is the new way your console warns you for something really bad going inside the black box. Chances are this time around the Xbox Slim will be able to survive the heat attack.

If your new Xbox 360 Slim is on the verge of overheating, the green Power LED will turn red and you’ll get a warning message:

Apparently the Slim model makes use of an elegant way of preventing overheating – it shut itself down and won’t allow you turning back on until the system is cool enough. Once the Power LED stops flashing red, you’ll know the Xbox is ready for gaming again.

It’s good this time Microsoft has been wise enough to implement some preventative measures against permanent hardware damage due to overheating.

Well, it seems it’s safe to buy the Slim console after all and the RRoD should be no problem as it has been for previous generations of the console .



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