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Xbox 360 owner or not, Kinect is something you would want on your PC

I am an Xbox 360 owner and I admit I would never buy a Kinect controller. I don’t like the games or the idea of making funny moves in front of my TV to play them.

But also I have a Windows 7-based PC connected to that TV. And I can be easily lured to buy a Kinect to do Si-Fi stuff on my computer while I’m sitting on my couch.

Ever since I watched Minority Report back in 2002 I’ve always hoped that some day thе interaction system pictured there will be available for real. Well this day looks much closer now that I’ve seen these demo videos of the Kinect controller hooked to a Windows PC.

I know there is some lag and I’m sure there will be lots of bugs, but I’m also sure that in time these things will be ironed out. But still – just watch some of those videos. They’re awesome!

For people like me, who wanted to do such Si-Fi stuff for so long, some lag or bugs won’t stop us to buy the Kinect. Oh, if this is not reasonable enough, you can always connect it to your Xbox 360 and play the Kinect-enabled games.


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