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XBMC for Android revealed, download the leaked APK here

XBMC is a popular media center application for the desktop known for its 10-foot UI and the ability to customize using plugins and skins. Now the developers have announced on their blog that they are working on a full-fledged version of the application for Android.

In the blog post, the developers mention that the app has been designed for Android-based devices such as set-top boxes, televisions, tablets and smartphones. The current version of the app being developed has similar UI and functionality to the desktop app. Naturally, this won’t work on smartphones, so the developers are looking at the community to come up with suitable skins for the app.

Among other things that are not working at the moment is hardware decoding, with only software decoding being present in the current version. The developers are unsure if the hardware decoding will make it to the final version of the app or will exist as patches for vendors to integrate.

The app is not available on the Play Store now because it is still in development but they have released the source code. However, someone has managed to leak the APK file of the early version of the app that you can install on your device right now. As usual, you are warned that this is an early version of the app so there will be some issues, although in my testing it seemed to work fairly well, other than the fact that the UI is ridiculously tiny.

Click here to download the app.

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