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WSJ: Google smartwatch to enter mass production this year

Google’s alleged smartwatch is in the final stages of its development and the search giant is said to be in talks with Asian hardware suppliers to begin the mass production of the hotly anticipated accessory.

According to a report from WSJ, the Google smartwatch will enter mass production by the end of the year. Google is also said to be working around the major concerns with the smartwatch – the battery life and it’s every day utility. The internet giant has reportedly found a way out to enhance the battery performance and deliver long hours of usage on a single charge. Just how long is yet to be seen, of course.

If the rumors are to be trusted, the upcoming smartwatch will be integrated with the popular Google Now platform and feature its always on voice commands (similar to the feature found on Moto X). If true, that would certainly help the Google wearable stand-out in the upcoming crowd of smartwatches.

However, let’s keep in mind that these are just speculations and there is no official word from Google for now. So, take it all with a pinch of salt and keep your hopes low.



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