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Wireless charging comes to the Samsung Note 4 via dedicated back covers

It’s still a rare occurrence to find a smartphone with built-in wireless charging capabilities these days with the notable exception of the mid-to-high end Lumia lineup. Samsung has opted for a different strategy for several generations of Galaxy flagships, providing optional back covers to those who want to do away with cables.

The Galaxy Note 4 continues this tradition and, in typical Samsung fashion, two options are available, a plain charging back, and an S-View case.

The regular Qi-enabled back cover is noticeably thicker than the standard one with both the good and bad implications. On one hand, the otherwise protruding camera, prone to bumps and scratches, gets an added level of protection. On the other, the added thickness results in less than premium appearance of the flagship device. Additionally, some cases made for the Note 4 with a stock cover won’t fit on top of the thicker Qi version.

The wireless charging variant of the S-View cover is virtually identical to the non-Qi model. Meaning it adds considerable bulk and weight to the whole package. Supporters of the S-View concept, however, will see no added drawbacks to the Qi-charging version. The camera is even more deeply recessed with this one, never touching the table, when the phone is lying on its back.

It has to be taken into account, that a charging pad is available separately, and has to be factored into the price of bringing wireless charging capability to your Note 4. Unless you’ve already picked one up before, conforming to the Qi Standard, which should work just fine.



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