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Windows XP is still king of the desktop computers, Windows 7 passes Vista

Linux may be going strong in the mobile phone world but the desktop is another matter. It’s a Windows world out there and Linux is struggling to break 1%…

The Linux kernel is at the basis of quite a few mobile OSes – Android, Maemo (turning into MeeGo) and WebOS being the most popular ones, but there are a few lesser known ones as well.

But on the desktop? Windows XP is losing ground but it’s currently at 56%, miles ahead of even its successors. Windows Vista (18.1%) is slowly fading away – Windows 7 (19.1%) has already passed it by a full percent. Mac OS X isn’t doing too hot either, it’s currently sitting at 4.6% after the peak of 5.9% in April.

Well, it seems that Microsoft has nothing to worry about with their OSes occupying a total of 93.5% of the market and Windows 7 selling like hotcakes.



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