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Windows RT to ship with Preview version of Office 2013 RT, loses some features

It has been known for a while now that Microsoft will be shipping a version of the new Office 2013 with Windows RT and that it will be the only non-Metro application that can be accessed on this particular version of the operating system.

Now we are learning that Office 2013 RT, which is to be included on Windows RT will be a watered-down version of the full blown Office 2013 that you will experience on standard Windows 8 or 7. Instead what you will get is the Preview version of the Office 2013 RT pre-installed in Windows RT devices and you will be able to upgrade to the final version, which will come out sometime early next year.

So what’s missing in Office RT compared to the full blown Office? The list includes macros, third party add-ons, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support and some other minor things. Microsoft says that these features have been dropped to ensure better battery life and reliability on tablets.

Funny thing is, I distinctly remember Microsoft saying the new Windows 8 and Office will offer a “No Compromise!” experience, but it seems some compromises had to be made. Just like the time when they forced Metro in Windows 8 where it does not belong. Then again, that’s just my opinion. You can post yours below.



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