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Windows Phone 8 supports 128GB microSD cards

SanDisk has announced the availability of the world’s first 128GB microSD a few weeks ago at the MWC in Barcelona. It is the world’s highest capacity microSDXC card. But is your device even accepting 128GB memory cards?

Well, if you own a WP8-running Nokia Lumia 1520, then you can insert and use such card.

A user from the WP Central forum called NoRomBasic has tested SanDisk’s latest breakthrough – the 128GB microSD card – and it was fully compatible with a Nokia Lumia 1520. This means Windows Phone 8 supports cards up to 128GB capacity.

Even though the OS may know how to use such a big microSD card, some smartphone-specific requirements still may apply, so if you have another WP handset make sure you double check before you fork out the cash.

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