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Windows Phone 8.1 gets Wi-Fi Sense

It looks like the list of new features for Windows Phone 8.1 keeps growing and growing.

The latest one is a nifty little option called Wi-Fi Sense.

We’ve got a video of it in action posted below. It’s basically a Wi-Fi timer, and it allows you to keep your WiFi turned off, and have it come back on after a preset interval time.

Why would anyone want this? There are a couple of scenarios where this can be useful. For example, if you want to conserve battery life while you’re working, sleeping, or are otherwise preoccupied. Also, if you know that you’re going to be in an area with Wi-Fi after a while, your phone will automatically connect to Wi-Fi without having to keep it enabled all the time. Or let’s say you’re driving in a crowded area, such as NYC, where there are tons of Wi-Fi hotspots that your phone is constantly trying to connect to, and your cell data connection becomes disrupted as a result. Keep Wi-Fi turned off for the duration of the drive, and when you return back home to your preferred network, Wi-Fi Sense will turn your precious wireless back on, and you can get back to browsing.

What do you think of the feature?

Thanks to Yousuf Iqbal for the tip!



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