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Windows Phone 8.1 backups high-res pictures to OneDrive, offers subtitles in the Video player

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer’s Preview has been out for weeks and it brought so many new features that even today we keep discovering new ones. The latest one making the rounds is the option to backup 16MP, 18MP, 34MP and 38MP Lumia HD pictures to OneDrive.

This feature has been there since the release of the WP 8.1 Developer’s Preview as ours first backed up high-res pictures date April 30.

Another new feature we found just recently is that the new Video app coming in Windows Phone 8.1 supports subtitles. Naturally, the subtitle’s filename needs to be the same as the video’s.

We are still exploring the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer’s Preview and we’ll keep you in the loop with any new feature we find. The official update is coming on June 24.



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