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Windows Phone 7 smartphone from Acer coming soon

When Acer first entered the smartphone business Windows was their weapon of choice and it remained like this for quite a while. Later on Android entered stage and things started cooling off between Acer and Microsoft.

Apparently the limitations of Windows Phone seemed too great to Acer at first. Yet now that Windows Phone 7 has been released Acer’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci went on record saying that his company has realized that the new platform actually offers a lot of customization options.

That’s why they will be getting Microsoft’s OS back in their portfolio and a handset running it is already in the works. That makes Acer the fifth player in the WP7 game after LG, HTC, Samsung and Dell.

Unfortunately there is no info on the exact release date of the Acer Windows smartphone yet, but we hope to be updated on that pretty soon.



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