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Windows Phone 7.8 to roll out in Q1 of 2013

Windows Phone 8 devices are already out there battling the droid gang for a piece of the smartphone market. But some of the early Windows Phone adopters don’t plan to abandon their WP7 devices just yet.

That’s why Microsoft promised to bring a few of the WP8 features to legacy hardware with the upcoming WP7.8 update. There is still no official information on the release date, but Microsoft Brazil might have spilled the beans on this one.

According to the official Windows Phone Brazil Twitter account, the Windows Phone 7.8 update will hit the Brazilian WP7 smartphones in Q1 of next year.

Of course this availability might apply only for Brazil and not the rest of the world, but I highly doubt the global rollout will take more than a couple of weeks.

So, we probably won’t see the WP7.8 update until early next year. Let’s just hope Q1 means January, not March.

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