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Windows Mobile 10 (not Phone) mentioned in LinkedIn account

Windows Mobile is dead, long live Windows Ph… Mobile? This could all be a misunderstanding, of course, but the LinkedIn profile of a Program Manager at Microsoft lists him as currently working on Windows Mobile 10.

What makes it seem less like a slip of the tongue is that just two sentences earlier the same person claims to have worked on the Windows Phone 8.1 update infrastructure.

Earlier info pointed to a unified “Windows 10″ platform that will power everything from phones to computers and in between. We’ll get more info at a dedicated event at the end of January (there will be no Windows 10 talk at CES), hopefully Microsoft will clear up any branding questions then.

For what it’s worth, it’s most likely a typo – Microsoft has spent so much time and money building up the Windows Phone brand it will be silly to kill it in favor of “Windows Mobile”, which barely anyone remembers anymore.

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