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Windows 7 is still growing in market share

It’s no surprise that Windows 7 is still the reigning OS, despite Windows 8.1′s slow and steady growth.

What is surprising, however, is that Windows 7 has also seen some growth of its own.

What’s really interesting is that Windows 7 not only commands 50.06% of the OS market share, but that it also received the largest amount of growth compared to all of the other operating systems: 0.79%.

Windows 8.1 has passed the market share of Windows 8, with 6.35%, as opposed to 8′s 6.29%.

Windows XP still holds a 25.27% share, however, it dropped 1.02%, so Microsoft can probably breathe a sigh of relief as they have been trying to get people to migrate from the old OS to its newer offerings.

Are you surprised that Windows 7 has received more growth than Windows 8.1? Do you think the OS has any signs of slowing down? Or do you prefer 7 to 8.1 in every single way?



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