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Windows 7 “mainstream support” ends tomorrow

With all this talk about the upcoming Windows 10, it’s easy to forget about Windows 7 and how many computers out there still run it. Microsoft is focused on convincing those who didn’t upgrade to Windows 8 to do so for Windows 10. In the meantime, though, the company will be ending “mainstream support” for Windows 7 tomorrow.

This means that the aging OS will no longer receive new features, or any design changes or the likes. It will, however, still get security updates until January 14, 2020.

With the end of mainstream support, complimentary phone and online support from Microsoft won’t be available for Windows 7 anymore. That said, you’ll have the option of paid online and phone support for another five years, should you absolutely need to get in touch with someone from the software giant.

So basically Windows 7 will remain as it is right now, with no changes coming to it in the future – other than security patches. Perhaps Microsoft is secretly hoping this will entice some holdouts to finally switch away from Windows 7 when Windows 10 arrives.

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