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Windows 10 will bring FLAC support on phones and small tablets

Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft has been busy on Twitter answering a lot of questions around the future of Windows 10. Ever since last week’s event, when Microsoft showcased a lot of exciting details about the future of its popular OS and the tech world users have been impatient to receive answers to a few pressing question, mostly regarding Windows 10 on mobile devices.

The smoke was already clear around legacy app support on smaller devices and today Joe has shared another much anticipated piece of information – namely that Windows 10 on mobile devices will have native FLAC support.

Built-in lossless audio playback in desktop distributions of the OS has been discussed on numerous occasions and was confirmed relatively early in Windows 10′s lifecycle. However users were not exactly sure what to expect on the mobile front. As it turns out every eligible Windows mobile will receive FLAC support as well, but in later build. Insiders will perhaps have a chance to take a sneak peak first, but even they still have some waiting to do.



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