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Whatsapp for WP8 coming soon, Dropbox for Windows RT submitted for approval

The Whatsapp team says the Whatsapp app for Windows Phone 8 will go live very soon in the Store. It will be six times faster than before and later on it will get another update with new emoji set.

The Whatsapp messenger already made an appearance in the Windows Phone 8 Store, but was quickly pulled back as it obviously required some more polishing. It seems the team is ready with the new app and you will be getting in the next few days or weeks.

Meanwhile the Dropbox app for Windows RT and Windows 8 is ready and submitted to Microsoft for approval. Lots of people rely on the Dropbox service instead on the Microsoft’s own SkyDrive and it’s certainly going to boost the productivity of the RT slates.

The Windows 8 users had a Dropbox app since its launch (the Desktop one), but the RT owners had nothing but the web client until now. Well, the Modern app should pop up in the Store any moment now.

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