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What’s the deal with the Nokia N9 secondary camera?

The Nokia N9 announcement was understandably greeted with quite a lot of excitement, but it appears that one of the features of the smartphone didn’t get the attention it deserves. From the official photos it appears that the N9 packs a front-facing camera at the most unusual of places – the bottom right corner of the front panel.

Yet the official specifications on the Nokia developers website fail to mention a front-facing camera. What’s even more confusing is that none of the few dozens of previews that were published today mentions it. This could of course be explained with the relatively little importance of the feature, but still someone should have said something about it.

It would be cool if someone from Nokia actually stepped up and explained what the deal here is. Is that thing really a camera or is that just some other sensor? And is having a front-facing camera below the screen better than having it above, where it has been residing for quite some time now?

Update: Okay so it was officially confirmed that the thing is a camera. We are now to see if its unorthodox location is more of a benefit or a hindrance?

If you have managed to find the answers to those questions, please do not hesitate to share them with us.


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