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Weekly poll results: Oppo R7 Plus gets the nod over R7

Last week Oppo unveiled a couple of highly capable mid-rangers, with slender metal bodies, octa-core processors and advanced camera hardware and we asked you – hot or not?

While both fall under the R7 name, the Oppo R7 Plus got a much warmer reception.

The R7 Plus got the thumbs up in a 2:1 ratio and we can see why. The roomy 6″ AMOLED screen is already appealing enough, but the added fingerprint sensor and a camera with an ISOCELL sensor and laser autofocus make it an over-performer in the mid-range field.

As for the smaller Oppo R7, the thicker bezels around the screen didn’t win any fans, unlike the bezel-less design of the R7 Plus. The fingerprint sensor of the R7 Plus earned some supporters, but the R7 doesn’t have one – another strike against it. The final result is lukewarm, the Hot votes barely topping the Not votes.


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