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Weekly poll: What is your preferred material for a flagship

Smartphones slowly became a key part of our everyday lives, but with all the technological advancements and the search for better and faster hardware we sometimes forget that out mobile phone is also a personal accessory, which makes styling and looks an integral part of the final product.

This was a lot more-apparent in the days of the simple mobile phones, when an appealing exterior had a much greater influence on buyers. But, even though we have mostly adopted and grown accustomed to the flat, slate look for our beloved devices, there is still a lot to be considered in terms of exterior. That is why, this week, we decided to ask you what material you deem most-suitable for a flagship device.

Below, we have constructed a poll between with the most common materials, used in the industry today – glass, metal, leather and plastic. The included phones are merely illustrative of our point and should be considered based on exterior material alone.

That being said, there are quite a few considerations that can come into play here. First of all, of course, there is aesthetics. Do you think that brushed metal gives any device a more premium feel or do you find glass more appealing? It really all boils down to personal choice, but may we remind you that there is also the factor of sheer convenience. Which material do you thing handles best and is most resistant to dirt, as well as wear and tear? Speaking of which, how would you rate each material in terms of durability? After all, the case is there to protect, not only impress.


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