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Weekly poll: Windows 10 – hot or not

Undoubtedly the most important event of the week was the official unveiling of Microsoft Windows 10. The Redmond software giant skipped a digit, and is planning to offer a seamless multi-platform experience across all your devices.

From smartphone to tablet, to PC, Windows 10 will be the one operating system to rule them all.

While Microsoft may be going down the unification path, we believe the inherently different usage cases of pocket and desktop devices demand two separate questions to be asked

Windows 10 for smartphone – cool or not?

Windows Phone has had its supporters, but its market share is limited. Microsoft is trying to fight that by stressing the benefit of having the same operating system on all your devices. Is it going to work?

Windows 10 for desktop – cool or not?

The ubiquitous PC operating system has become part of our lives for good. Windows 8 suffered criticism, some of which Microsoft addressed with the 8.1 update, but is Windows 10 as polished as it should be?


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