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Weekly poll: Which is the hottest smartphone of the week?

The week is coming to an end but has left us with a handful of newly announced devices. Some are worth drooling over, while others are merely run-of-the-mill budget phones. They all get their place under the sun, however, making the mobile world even more diverse every single day.

We are offering you a choice of 6 smartphones to pick the hottest announcement of the week. Check them out after the break.

So, pitted against each other, we have Xiaomi’s latest flagship duo, the Mi Note Pro and Mi Note, the sleek Oppo’s R1C, Samsung’s Tizen pioneer Z1, and a couple of fresh Microsoft Windows Phone offerings, the Lumia 532 and Lumia 435.

Now, we have a general idea where this one might go, but user preferences are notoriously hard to predict, even for people with multiple university degrees, which the author of this post doesn’t have. The choices are below, and you get a whole week to decide which is the hottest smartphone of the bunch!


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