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Watch Windows 8 run on Kal-El and AMD Fusion-based tablets

We already knew that Windows 8 is super smooth on a tablet with quad-core Intel CPU, but that’s hardly a surprise now, is it? What’s more interesting is if Microsoft’s new OS will remain buttery smooth when given less powerful hardware as that will be the usual case with tablets, who need to maintain reasonable power consumption.

So here we have a couple of hands-on videos for you, showing Windows 8 running on an AMD Fusion and Nvidia Kal-el-powered slates. The first of those is a netbook-meant chip with one of the lowest power demands among x86 CPUs, while the other is an ARM-based chip, which is even more economical (even though it’s quad-core).

Impressively, Windows 8 doesn’t seem to be bothered even one bit by the less-capable hardware. Some apps do take longer to load, but the UI stays perfectly smooth thanks to the graphics hardware acceleration. This is quite a good indication as it would mean tablets and computers with long-lasting batteries will be possible without the need to sacrifice much in terms of eye-candy.

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