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Watch how VFX turn an ordinary world into the extraordinary scenery of ‘Game of Thrones’

We all know CGI is used a lot these days. Especially in shows like Game of Thrones with dragons, direwolves and walking skeletons (among other things). But those sets, those look pretty real, right? And the castles and the ship? That can’t be CGI. Except it is.

VFX studio Mackevision has uploaded a video and, at the cost of sounding like BuzzFeed, you won’t believe how much of what you see on screen is CGI. From adding crowds to buildings, ships, castles, mountains, smoke or just the general atmosphere of the show, the CGI plays a huge role in the visuals of the show and why it looks so good. And it’s good CGI too, which is why you can’t tell it apart most of the time from the real world.

You can see it for yourself below. The video is from the fourth season but there are no spoilers in case you haven’t caught up yet.



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